Present Your Case to Child Custody Lawyers in Houston

Child Custody is generally an issue in Houston divorce cases. Child custody can also sometimes be an issue in any case where a Houston parent can no longer perform their duties, either due to their death, incapacity, or because they demonstrated themselves as unfit parents. In the rarest of circumstances, child custody can crop up when a hospital accidentally gives parents the wrong children.

If you are in a divorce or your abilities as a parent are being questioned, you must seek the advice of a competent Child Custody Lawyer in Houston right away. Child custody cases profoundly affect the lives of everyone involved and having a competent Houston Child Custody Attorney during this process may be the most important decision you can make.

A child custody case, like a divorce proceeding, is an adversarial process. Parties have the burden of proving what would be in the best interests of the child, and often there are many other criteria besides the biological relationship of the parents taken into account. Your Houston Child Custody Lawyer will know exactly how to best represent you to ensure a favorable result for you and your children.

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